Are you a member of the press looking for eco friendly jewelry to feature in an upcoming issue? Then you've found the right place!

Solaris Earrings in turquoise, Duet Lariat in soda fountain recycled glass, and Gemina Earrings in garnet

Your readers will love Sundrop Jewelry's eco friendly jewelry because it's uniquely handmade using solar energy and recycled materials, and affordably priced from $40 and up. Our pieces are:

  • designed to make you feel elegant in every situation
  • come in a rainbow of vibrant colors made from your favorite liquor bottles and stained glass
  • the lightweight, minimalist design makes them easy to wear all day

Our handmade jewelry is made from recycled bottles and stained glass, melted with sunshine and a giant magnifying glass. Set in recycled sterling silver, our lightweight, elegant jewelry is available in a rainbow of colors. It ranges from dainty minimalist earrings and pendants to lavish artisan jewelry, but always retains that vibrant thread of casual elegance with an eco friendly twist.

Our jewelry retails for $40 and up, and is available on our website at and at over 50 retailers in the US.

Would you like to receive a sample of Sundrop Jewelry? If so, please take a look at our shop and let me know which color and design inspires you the most and I’ll get it out to you right away.

I look forward to working with you!

Tawny Reynolds, designer of Sundrop Jewelry
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Below, you'll find a few press-ready images of our eco friendly jewelry. Click an image to open the high-resolution version in a new window and save the image. Each image is 300dpi, and at least 5" x 7". Please contact me to request images of a specific jewelry design or color.

Perseid Necklace by Sundrop Jewelry

Kelly Green Perseid Necklace, suggested retail price: $300.00

Get ready for a shower of compliments with this dramatic piece of artisan jewelry, made from glass bottles melted with sunshine! Slender rings of sparkling silver intertwine with glittering glass rings, from which dangle flowing drops of sun-melted glass.


Cobalt Vinyas Earrings, suggested retail price: $200.00

Dangling yet dainty, these fun silver and glass drop handcrafted earrings conjure visions of flowering vines.  Four tiny, vibrant glass droplets alternate down a silver chain.  You’ll love the dynamic swinging strands of these handcrafted earrings - long enough to occasionally brush your collar, but so lightweight you may even forget they’re there.  Don’t worry - the compliments will remind you!


Garnet Cameo Earrings and Choker Set by Sundrop Jewelry

Garnet Cameo Earrings and Choker, suggested retail price: $55.00 each

Need to add a little *pop* to your favorite outfit? These dashing red earrings and choker necklace are sure to satisfy. Melted with sunshine and a giant magnifying glass, these delicate glass droplets are ready to add some sustainable style to your wardrobe. Each drop of glass is handmade in the artist’s backyard studio in Berkeley, California. Using a giant magnifying glass to focus sunshine, recycled bottles and stained glass were melted into these translucent, flowing drops under the open sky!


Water Lanata Earrings and Water Solandra Y-Necklace by Sundrop Jewelry

Water Lanata Earrings, suggested retail price $325.00

Are you looking to put the finishing touch on a special outfit for a momentous day? Whether it’s a formal night out with your special guy or your daughter’s wedding, in these waterfall earrings you’ll know you look superb. You'd never guess these translucent, flowing glass droplets of a delicate blue started out life as a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle! Enchanting glass droplets cluster near the top, trailing down to a dangling tail of glistening silver.

and Solandra Y-Pendant, suggested retail price $50.00

Glistening Argentium sterling silver and a tiny, vibrant glass drop brings all attention to bear in this elegantly simple Y-necklace.  Are you getting ready for a casual day out, or just want to bring some understated elegance to your business attire?  Either way, this graceful droplet will quickly become your “go-to” necklace.