Environmental Impact of Shipping Sundrops

by Tawny Reynolds on Jan 14, 2009

Ever since Hig and Erin took off on their trek to Alaska (and even now they're back) we've been remiss in addressing our company's ecological footprint. So, here's the dirt on shipping Sundrop Jewelry.


The vast majority of our business is wholesale to small retail stores, who generally order in (small) bulk: 30 pieces of jewelry is probably average. We use the free USPS Priotity Boxes for these orders.The nice thing is that in June they received Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification for their shipping supplies.

Although they've boasted about their recycled content in a number of press releases it seems impossible to find out the actual amount that is recycled. Their main customer help line doesn't know, the 'Post Office Energy Hotline' listed on their website turns out to be for internal Post Office use (and didn't know the answer either), support@usps didn't know and directed me to my local branch (which certainly didn't know), someone directed me to their supplier (who gets everything from a different supplier and also didn't know). Finally I emailed the press secretary who put out the press release in the first place. She didn't know but passed on my email to someone who should, but I haven't heard back for months.

Is it just me, or should someone know the details since they managed to get Cradle to Cradle certification?


For the small shipments from our webstore we purchase 200# white corrugated boxes. I have not yet been able to determine the recycled content of these boxes, but hopefully will have that info for an upcoming post.

So far, our company is still small enough that we have no problem scrounging enough used bubble wrap, foam and blank newsprint to pad all of our shipments. This is all material that would probably otherwise go directly to the landfill.
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