A new best-seller: Scaling the Heavens

by Tawny Reynolds || December 14 2017
New best seller: Recycled glass double hoop earrings by Sundrop Jewelry
The original Water Eclipse Earrings have been very popular recently - thanks to the absolutely lovely review on Emily Reviews!

But, did you know there's now a larger size too?  However, I realized I really needed to show you the two different sizes of Eclipse Earrings being worn so you could get a real sense of the different scales!  So, here they are, side by side...
Made from recycled Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles melted with sunshine, these rain drop earrings make the perfect gift for your eco-fashionista friend!

And if you like your earrings more elaborate (or are shopping for someone who does!) check out the Orbital Motion Earrings below, now also available in two sizes.  (The top sections of the Orbital Motion Earrings are the same size as the two sizes of Eclipse Earrings, but dangle longer.)