Video interview with Sundrop Jewelry artist Tawny Reynolds

by Tawny Reynolds || November 08 2017

A couple videographer friends from Mothership HackerMoms did a video interview with me about Sundrop Jewelry, motherhood, and running a business with kids - and I think it looks awesome! (Except, you know, for the part about me hating to see myself on video ;-p )

It's even got video of me using my giant magnifying glass to melt glass with sunshine - viewed from a distance so you can tell what's going on instead of me precariously holding my phone up with one hand while I manage to melt a single drop of glass one-handed. (It's a lot easier when I get to use both hands.)  Watch below, or on Vimeo.

Mothership Hackermoms Profiles: Tawny from Heather Reilly on Vimeo.