A new angle on ovals - an angled silver oval frames a dew-colored teardrop of sun-melted glass, by Sundrop Jewelry

A new angle on ovals

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 13, 2024

I started this series of posts on my Water-colored glass jewelry with a very old favorite, the Cameo Earrings.  It seems only right to also share this newer angle on ovals which I introduced as part of the Tendrils Collection.  While they may not seem closely related to the Short Tendrils Earrings I wrote about recently, the wide ribbon of silver fits right in with the larger Ribbon Earrings and Necklaces you'll also find in the collection.

Oval Ribbon Earrings with a pale blue glass teardrop made from Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles

An angled oval of silver frames an elegant teardrop of sun-melted glass.

Years before, when I was working on the jewelry made from slices from the necks of glass bottles for the Circular Motion Collection, I had the idea to incorporate an angled slice from a bottle neck.  Unfortunately, the thickness of that much bottle glass was too heavy for a pair of earrings (at least for me!  I can't handle heavy earrings at all), so I had to shelve the notion.  But when I was developing the Tendrils Collection and the Ribbon Earrings and Necklaces I saw how a similar silver form could fit right in.

Check out the whole Tendrils Collection in my shop now to see the rest of the Ribbon jewelry!

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