New limited edition colors are coming soon!

by Tawny Reynolds || February 28 2019

I've been playing around with some glass scraps that I got from a fellow artist who was de-stashing her old stained glass hobby, and I just couldn't resist sharing this one first... These drops are all from a single strip of a milky white and blue and purple streaked stained glass!

limited edition new colors made from a single piece of stained glass scrap - coming soon

Whenever I use multi-colored stained glass there ends up being a LOT more variation in the colors and patterns from one drop to the next. That certainly ended up being the case here - even though they're all made from the same strip of stained glass! Some have sky blue and white swirls, some have rosy purple streaks, and some are a more subtle milky tone.

Such large color variation in a relatively small number of drops means it's a lot harder to find pairs for earrings, so this is definitely going to end up being a super-limited edition!

I'll be adding these new limited edition pieces to my online shop on Friday. But mailing list members get to shop 24 hours early - which is a good thing, as these limited edition pieces are sure to go fast! Join here.

Watch my Instagram for more sneak peeks!