The "Rainy Season" has arrived - in new colors!

by Tawny Reynolds || March 01 2019
three limited edition new colors - swirling blues, milky whites, and rosy purples

Drumroll, please....

The new limited edition colors have arrived! Milky swirls, subtle streaks, and moody hues are signature elements of this enticing trio.

 Three new colors available in VERY limited quantities

From a single strip of scrap stained glass three fairly distinct color variations emerged, and I'm naming them accordingly (because giving things names makes them more official, right?)...

This is the "Rainy Season" series, with three colors to choose from:

  • "Partly Cloudy"  (lower right) with sky blue and white swirls
  • "Overcast" (center) with hazy very pale blue and pale purple
  • "Stormy Day" (upper left) dominated by purple streaks in milky pale blue

You'll find each available in just a few designs and very small quantities - some one of a kind!



If you'd really love to get one of these colors in a different design, email me ASAP and I'll see what I can do - it all depends on the drops that remain, so be sure to reach out sooner rather than later!

Partly Cloudy Meteorite Earrings, featuring sun-melted scrap glass and recycled silver