Ear rings, pendant necklaces and more in birthstone colors and custom designs by Sundrop Jewelry

Ear rings, pendant necklaces and more in custom colors: birthstones, recycled bottles...

by Tawny Reynolds on May 25, 2016

What's your favorite color?  Everyone has one... or two... or more...

I get so inspired by colors for ear rings, pendant necklaces, and other pieces.  A new bottle color I see in someone’s recycling bin, a sheet of multicolored stained glass, new millefiori rods in the glass shop – I want to try them all! So... that means I have a LOT of colors of Sundrops that have never quite made it into the limelight.

What do I do with those drops?  In many cases, they simply languish - gorgeous, sparkling, vibrant... stuck in a drawer because there are already so many colors and I don't want to overwhelm everyone with too many choices. 

So, if there's a design you love, but you'd like a different color - just send me a note and let me know. I probably have just what you're looking for :)
These are just a few of the colors of ear rings, pendant necklaces, and droplets I have in my stash right now.  Some are too similar to other colors I carry, some are limited editions (meaning I can't get the glass again).  And some... well, some just don't photograph well. Those speckled, green striped earrings at the bottom? Every speck is actually a piece of glitter!  In real life they sparkle wonderfully as you move, but that just doesn't show in a photograph.

I've also developed some colors specifically for a birthstone series of ear rings and pendant necklaces...
Choose one birthstone color as a birthday or holiday gift to celebrate someone special. Or, combine the birthstones of your whole family in a multi-drop piece of artisan jewelry you can wear every day!
What's your favorite color? Let me know in the comments below, or contact me! We'll work together to make it into a gorgeous pendant, ear rings, or other piece that fits your own style.  Add some personal artistic flair to your outfit today - and every day!
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