The newest collection - circle drop earrings, necklaces, and handmade glass jewelry

by Tawny Reynolds || October 13 2016
You may have seen glimpses of the upcoming Circular Motion Collection as I've been designing it behind the scenes for the last few months.  With elements of current trends towards large hoops and long dangles, these new designs start at medium and just get bigger!

Sun-melted glass pairs with dynamic circles of recycled silver and upcycled glass in the newest collection.  Bold circles of sterling silver are set off by sparkling pops of color, all swinging freely for a lively look.  Preview (and pre-order) the new pieces in the shop.  Take 10% off your pre-order with code:

I've partnered with another wonderful glass worker, Deana from Groovy Green Glass, to bring you a set of 100% recycled designs!  Polished rings sliced from glass bottles, elegant matching droplets of sun-melted glass, all set off with sparkling sterling silver - recycled, of course.
From a delicate pale green sparkling with dainty drops of recycled glass, to bold, vibrant attention-grabbers, you'll find something to love!

Because I'm working with other artists on these pieces, they require more lead time than usual.  So, for the first time, these new designs are available for pre-order now, and will ship out just before Thanksgiving.  You'll get the best of both worlds - your holiday shopping will be done, and delivered to you (or the recipient) in plenty of time for the holidays.  No more last minute scramble!
10% off with code CIRCLE