Handmade earrings - how many glass teardrops to find a pair?

by Tawny Reynolds || February 08 2017
Handmade earrings - how many glass teardrops to find a pair?

How many glass teardrops do you think it takes to find a pair of handmade earrings?

The answer - it all depends.  The percentage of my glass teardrops that make good pairs for handmade earrings depends a lot on the number of teardrops I start with - the more glass teardrops I have, the better chance that they will match up.

Glass teardrops lined up and ready to find pairs for handmade earrings.

For this little batch of 29 glass teardrops in watermelon pink (introduced last year for the October birthstone: watermelon tourmaline, and made with this glass from Bullseye Glass), almost half of them were similar enough in size, shape, and color variation to make seven pairs of handmade earrings (below, on a wire).  When someone places an order, I can simply take whatever two drops are on the end, knowing that they have already been matched.

Handmade earrings all paired up on a wire. Un-matching glass teardrops will be necklacesSolaris handmade earrings in watermelon pink glass teardrops

Even though the other 15 don't match well enough to be made into pairs for handmade earrings, they won't go to waste!  I'll leave them as separate glass teardrops, for handcrafted pendants, necklaces or bracelets, or for mixing up with other colors to make some fun one-of-a-kind pieces!