Simple style inspiration to dress up your Valentine's - or any day of the year!

by Tawny Reynolds || February 14 2018

I hope you have a wonderful evening planned tonight for Valentine's Day!  But, do you know what you're going to wear?

If not, don't stress out!  (This is supposed to be a fun night, remember?  And how can you relax and have fun if you just spent the whole day fretting over which outfit to wear?)  My advice - start with something basic, like a simple white top and your favorite slacks or skirt.  This is your blank canvas.  Then, dress it up with colorful jewelry!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you bought or were given that you just love, but never manage to wear because it doesn't match anything in your wardrobe?  Pull it out!  Put it on!  You're wearing white, so anything goes!  And if it was a gift from him, he'll feel so happy - and validated - to see you finally enjoying it.

Remember, Valentine's Day is about the two of you having fun together - not about the perfect outfit.

Dress up a basic white top for Valentine's Day - or any day of the year!

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