Giftware News

by Tawny Reynolds || January 11 2018

Fashion Jewelry & Accessory Makers Share Positive Outlook for 2018

Fashion jewelry and accessories continue to be one of the most popular categories in retail gift, and with this issue we are launching a several-part series featuring some of our finest designers and makers among our partners, who share their outlook for 2018 among other topics.

Q: Working with so many retailers, what 2-3 "best tips" can you give them in terms of what to carry, point-of-sale advice, etc.?

"With Sundrop Jewelry, I have found that it is usually good to carry an assortment of colors, even if your customers tend to gravitate toward a specific color palette (e.g. blues and greens at sea-side shops and galleries).  A pop or two of other colors in the display draws customers over to look, even if they all end up buying blue."